LEGA Brings Relief

They say that desperation is the father of invention. It turned out to be true for father Ng Zim Guan, who was driven to invent Lega in 2008 out of desperation from seeing his young son gasping for breath. 
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Health Info Just A Click Away!

Becoming a parent is exciting yet bewildering at the same time. In the days of yore, we may have our parents or family members close by when we need support or advice. For today’s nucleous families, this social support...

Lap Off, Laptops!

The invention of laptops has changed the way people work around the world. Now that the computer is mobile, we can literally work anywhere – in bed, in front of the television, on the floor, at the park, restaurant, ev...

Facebook Addict: r u 1?

Let’s face it: Facebook has invaded our space in more ways than one and it might not be too far-fetched to think that it is affecting our health and lives. Although Facebook addiction has yet to reach alarming levels i...