5 secrets to great workouts!

Eager to be physically active but can’t seem to stick to a workout for long? Read on to find out five secrets that can help you persevere with your personal fitness journey. There may be many contributing factors to wh...
Function and Form

Function and form

Some people live to exercise but what about the everyday Joe who just wants to carry some groceries without feeling out of breath? That’s where functional fitness comes in. Imagine this: you drop your keys and bend dow...
hottest fitness main

Hottest Fitness Trends

  The Latest and Most Popular Fitness Classes and Devices   As with most things in life, monotony leads to boredom. The same goes for exercise and fitness routines. If you keep doing the same old thing, you may...
Eye Yoga

Eye Yoga

Did you know that yogic eye exercises have been practised for centuries in the days before glasses, contact lens and eye surgery were available? Here are some easy eye moves to improve your vision and relax your eyes:
playing to win

Playing To Win

For most of us, sports are a recreational activity to stay healthy and have a good time with like-minded friends. For sportspeople, however, it is literally a different ball-game.
top 5 sport injuries


It is a lovely warm day and you are all geared up for your weekly jog or game. Weekends are your favourite time of day because that is when you get to sweat it out and catch up on your exercise that is usually forgone du...
Sports massage 2

Sports Massage

Mention massage and what comes to mind would be a wonderful relaxing experience at the spa, complete with scented candles and warm Jacuzzis or saunas to open up stubborn pores.