Wacky Weight Loss Tricks that Work

By Tan Sher Lynn Tired of using the same old methods to lose that extra weight? Here are some fresh ideas to try out. They may sound a little weird but they’re actually backed by research! Turn off the lights Experienc...
celebrity diet

Celebrity Diets: The Good, The Bad…The Ugly!

To maintain their million-dollar bodies, celebrities have tried all kinds of diets including wacky ones like the “baby food” diet or the “apple cider vinegar diet.” Here are some of the latest diet fads the stars...

Calorie Intake

By Edeline Anne Goh Are you finding it hard to button your pants? Do you need to punch a new hole in your belt to accommodate your expanding midsection? Take heart because it’s not all your fault! Some of Malaysia’s ...
detox diet

Are Detox Diets Really Necessary?

By Edeline Anne Goh A detoxification diet or detox diet can be defined as a diet that helps to ‘cleanse’ the body from harmful toxins. These toxins include food additives, pesticide residue, alcohol, heavy metals, ch...
MCU Coolsculpting (5)

Safer Option For Body Sculpting

Wearing a disposable tank top, the model lies down on the treatment table. Dr Nicholas Lim, an Aesthetic Physician at MCU Beautitudes, picks up a handheld device that resembles a small empty box. After checking whether t...

The Green Way To Detox

Years of pollution can build up in our system leaving you feeling tired and sluggish. Many suffer from constipation and poor absorption of nutrients leading to digestive problems, skin disorders and bad breath.

Spice It Up!

The best thing about living in Malaysia is the availability of a wide array of food choices, particularly spicy food originating from Indian and Malay cultures. However, adding spices into foods is nothing new- it is bel...