Health is More Than Wealth

VitaHealth’s “Health is More Than Wealth Roadmap” was held on 15 December 2013. Urban Health speaks to Eddie Tie, CEO of VitaHealth who explains the ins and outs of this charity event.


Urban Health: What was the reason behind VitaHealth’s decision to organise this fun-filled event?

Eddie Tie: At VitaHealth, we believe in being socially responsible and we take pride in giving back to society. The “Health Is More Than Wealth Roadmap” is part of our continued CSR commitment in support of the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM). The RM33 we receive from each admission ticket is donated to NCSM in aid of their efforts to upgrade their cancer-treatment equipment.

“Health Is More Than Wealth” is something we emphasise as we understand and acknowledge the importance of health. Through this event, we hope to get this message across to the public. I’m sure the guests who attended have benefited from the information and advice given by Dato’ Joey Yap and Dr. Dalilah.


UH: Could you explain a little about your collaboration with the National Cancer Society of Malaysia?

ET: VitaHealth has collaborated with NCSM for quite a number of CSR projects.

We all are aware that cancer is a terminal disease. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, he or she needs to go through treatment which incurs a large sum of money. NCSM provides cancer treatment at minimal and highly subsidized rates. Thus, more people — especially the poor — are able to receive treatment which greatly increases the chances of survival.

For this event, we raised RM26,500 to support NCSM’s efforts to upgrade their cancer-treatment equipment.


UH: Could you explain a little about the name of the event, which is “Health Is More Than Wealth Roadmap”? Why did you choose this name?

ET: VitaHealth aspires to continuously enrich the lives of all people. Undeniably, money can make one’s life more comfortable and easier. However, having an abundance of wealth doesn’t always make life happier.

Your health is way far more worthy than the amount of money you possess. Once you fall ill, it is very hard to restore good health. With money, you can pay your medical expenses, but it definitely cannot replace the health you have lost or cure terminal illnesses like cancer.

On the contrary, by staying healthy, both physically and mentally, you can enjoy your life to its fullest. With good health, you can live a more vibrant and useful life. You can pursue your dreams and seek the life you desire. There is a saying that if we count our blessings instead of our money, we would all be rich. That explains why health is more than wealth.

UH: Can you tell us why health is so important especially in the 21st century?

ET: Maintaining good health has become more challenging, especially with today’s hectic lifestyle.

We are also constantly exposed to a multitude of toxins, contaminants and free radicals from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the polluted environment we live in. The increase in environmental toxicity, coupled with modern lifestyle habits such as unhealthy dietary choices, smoking and alcohol consumption can directly affect our health.

Nothing is more important than your health. Therefore, it is essential to maintain good health by practicing healthy lifestyles, staying physically active and eating balanced meals. To achieve well-rounded nutrition, we can complement our diet with dietary supplements.

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UH: What are some of VitaHealth’s continuous efforts to optimise health among the public?

ET: VitaHealth has a team of well-trained Product Advisors who are stationed at various retail outlets to provide relevant health information to customers, helping them to make healthier choices when buying supplements.

We also actively organise health roadshows and provide free health checkups and consultation to the public. We publish our own health and nutrition newsletter called the “Breaking News” and a few other booklets on health tips.

We have a team of new product development (NPD) personnel from a few countries including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and China, Thailand and Vietnam. they strive toward excellence and innovation by continuously developing new products that are effective, unique and of good quality.009 042

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