Holistic healing with Bowen Therapy

Holistic healing with Bowen Therapy

Alternative medicine, therapies and remedies have come a long way through endless amounts of advanced research that has been done today. Every day we stumble upon new information of how beneficial they can truly be. Here, we introduce Bowen Therapy – a holistic remedial body technique, said to have been developed in the 1950’s.

Bowen therapy, which has recently reached the shores of Malaysia is a holistic remedial body technique that works on the fascia – soft connective tissue of the body. The fascia, which is present throughout the body, is what binds the body’s entire structure.

When we engage in strenuous activities, repetitive actions (that are lacking in various ranges in motion) or get injured, our body may develop excess fascia between muscle tissues. If left unattended over time, this can create cross-linkages and fascial adhesions that will in turn restrict movement and create tension on joints and muscles. As a result, this can cause chronic pain and dysfunction.

Bowen therapy addresses such issues and those of any musculoskeletal or related neurological problems such as acute sports injuries, back pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), Fasciitis, etc. On top of that, it promotes good circulation and releases tension.

Rolling in the deep

Bowen Therapy is unlike any other alternative type of physical manipulation. This is mainly because of the minimum hands-on-body movements that is used. Besides that, the pressure of the movements are non-invasive, gentle and immensely relaxing.

Gentle rolling motions are applied over the belly of a muscle, a tendon and sometimes a neurovascular bundle – the grouping of nerve and blood vessels. These movements may be focused on various points of the body (if necessary), or on precise points of the body that are causing the most pain. However, this greatly depends on the individual patient.

During the rolling motions, the glued fascia fibres are gently pulled apart and released to their natural alignment. When this happens, signals are sent to the brain and prompts the body to reset, repair and balance itself.

The natural process allows the body to heal all on its own, with the appropriate encouragement through the therapy.

Magic minute

Prominently, what mostly differentiates Bowen therapy from the rest is that the therapist would leave the room for approximately two to five minutes after performing a sequence of Bowen moves on the patient’s body. Doing this triggers the self-healing process.

This allows time for the body to respond to the treatment and for the necessary changes to occur in the body before commencing the next sequence of moves. With Bowen therapy, ‘less is more’ as doing too much on a patient’s body could actually be counteractive.

“The short sequences of the gentle Bowen moves challenges the brain and calls for it to focus on the body part that’s being worked on.” – Lorna Mair, Certified Bowen Therapist of My Bowen Therapy™

Brain power

The brain, in Bowen therapy plays a monumental role. This is because, according to Lorna Mair – founder and certified Bowen therapist of My Bowen Therapy™, the short sequences of the gentle Bowen moves challenges the brain and calls for it to focus on the body part that’s being worked on.

Neurological signals are sent to the brain, which result in an immediate response in terms of muscle relaxation and pain reduction.

Identical to the melodious sounds created by the vibrations of guitar strings being strummed, the electrical impulses sent to the nervous system works similarly. Although instead of releasing sounds, it reminds the body to regain normal movements in joints, muscles and tendons.

This deeply relaxing technique assists the body in letting go of held patterns of accumulated pain.

Natural healing

Notably, the effects of each session are experienced throughout the entire body instead of just one precise part. When a realignment is made on one part of the body, the rest follows suit as now the body is able to go back to its ‘natural form’.

With Bowen therapy, muscle pain, sprain and strain can heal more effectively as well as rapidly. This is a good sign and is a result that the body is responding to the treatment.

In some cases, the patient may experience stiffness, soreness and headaches following a session. This is however part of the body’s adjustment to the treatment while it resets itself and addresses the root issue that is causing a pull or pain.

Just as how one would get excruciating aches the day after a tough session at the gym, our body needs time to adapt to the changes that it has been put through in order to heal and become stronger.

For more information on Bowen therapy, head to www.mybowentherapy.com or contact +6016 333 4581.

My Bowen Therapy™

Lorna Mair Dip.BT the founder of My Bowen Therapy™ is a certified and accredited Bowen Therapist as well as a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapies, where she was a finalist in their 2016 annual awards in London as Complementary Therapist of the Year.

Enthusiastic and dedicated about sharing Bowen therapy to the Malaysian community, she has put in much effort to spread the word of Bowen. She has since been on BFM: The Business Radio Station a number of times and has sponsored numerous running events, along with sponsoring a runner and a badminton player.

Mair has treated all kinds of people of all ages, from new-borns to the elderly, from runners to asthmatic patients and is experienced in treating a variety of conditions ranging from backaches to learning difficulties.

My Bowen Therapy™ is the first ever Bowen therapy clinic in Malaysia. Since its opening in October 2015, the clinic has been awarded with the 2015/2016 Malaysia SuperBrands award for Alternative Health and Holistic Therapies.

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