Your Liver: The Mirror Of Your Health

The liver is often known as the filter of the body and for a good reason. This important organ acts as a purifier, cleaning the bloodstream, burning fat and regulating metabolism rates. The amazing liver is also the only internal organ that can regenerate itself after injury or liver donation.

Most people assume that liver damage to those with excessive alcohol intake or are in frequent contact with foreign workers who may be carriers of hepatitis. However, liver damage can happen to any of us due to our modern lifestyles.

Stress, environmental pollutants, medications and over-dependence upon supplements and frequent consumption of processed foods may have negative impact upon our liver. Some of the symptoms of poor liver function are constant fatigue, hormonal imbalance, sugar cravings, constant digestive problems, mood changes, migraines and nausea.

For most people, what matters more is that poor liver health inadvertently affects the appearance. As the liver regulates the major circulatory system, it also affects the skin, cellulite formation, weight management and more.

This means only one thing- rejuvenating a sluggish liver will improve the way you look! Before you spend thousands of ringgit on topical creams and lotions, try correcting your liver function to look and feel better:

GLOWING CHEEKS: With better blood flow, your cheeks develop a natural glow, without using a blusher.

CLEAR EYES: Have dark circles under the eyes, yellowing at the white eyes or fatty lumps on your eyelids? Improved liver function will make them disappear.

ALLERGIES AND SKIN PROBLEMS: Wish you had clear, itch-free and beautiful skin? Correcting your liver will likely eliminate allergies, skin blemishes and inflammations.

CELLULITE AND POT BELLY: A healthy liver helps to metabolise fats, helping you manage your weight better and keeping cellulite at bay.

BAD BREATH: Poor liver function gives you a coated tongue and bad breath which is not cleared even with minted gum. Boosting liver function will give you fresh breath back.

DILATED FACIAL SKIN CAPILLARIES AND ROSACEA: Have tiny blood vessels on your face that make you look flushed and flustered? These are caused by poor blood circulation due to poor liver function.

EXCESSIVE SWEATING AND BODY ODOUR: Liver dysfunction causes excessive sweating, which can lead to bacterial infection and body odour. Correcting the liver will help regulate sweating and eliminate the unnecessary use of anti-perspirants.

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