Why Volunteer for CRM?

“I have been volunteering for four years in CRM. What drives me to volunteer for them is because I think that CRM is making real impact in people’ lives, particularly in Asia.

More and more people are going to have cancer in the future because of lifestyle factors. The only real difference we can make is by doing research about cancer. With a potpourri of different races, Malaysia is really ‘truly Asian’. What better place to do Asian-centric research than here?

Some people may wonder whether CRM is credible enough to undertake such significant research projects. The answer is a definite ‘yes’. If not, why are we selected by prestigious grants to receive their funding? Why would the world’s top universities like Cambridge partner with us?

I am not a scientist. My background is in business and the automotive industry. So I contribute by looking at CRM’s sustainability and fund-raising efforts, so it can grow as how a company grows. Cancer Research UK received 635 million pounds from the UK public as donations. We Malaysians should really put our hearts and finances together to fund research in Malaysia. CRM has the potential to be great. Let us together purposefully build this place to be what it is meant to be.”

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