Reversing cancer, One day at a time

  • Through impactful research, we work towards the day when cancer is a disease that can be cured and when we are able to reverse the fear, ignorance and silence around cancer.

  • As a non-profit organisation, we rely on public funding to ensure sustainability of our work. At least 90% of proceeds from charitable contributions goes into research.
  • Some of our key successes from 2000 – 2017
    • Successfully published more than 160 scientific publications in 10 years in highly accredited international medical journals.
    • Won multiple international research grants including the highly coveted Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award and the Newton-Ungku Omar Fund.
    • Developed a peptide vaccine which is a type of immunotherapy that activates the immune system to fight cancer and is now being tested in preclinical models.
    • Developed a rapid and cheaper method to accurately identify individuals genetically predisposed to breast and oral cancer.
    • Developed one of the first genetic counselling and genetic testing programmes in Malaysia to assist families with higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer.
    • Established the first Patient Navigation Centre in Malaysia to assist breast cancer patients throughout their journey from diagnosis to completion of treatment.

  • Join us in reversing cancer. Donate to cancer research today. For more information on Cancer Research Malaysia and on how you can contribute, please visit our website at

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