Eye Yoga

Did you know that yogic eye exercises have been practised for centuries in the days before glasses, contact lens and eye surgery were available? Here are some easy eye moves to improve your vision and relax your eyes:

1)      Stretch out one finger in front of you and stare at it. Keep your eyes on it as you move your finger to touh your nose and back. Repeat 3-4 times.

2)      Focus your vision on the tip of your nose and count to seven. Stop, blink and repeat seven times.

3)      Sit straight, look to the left and count to seven. Return gaze to the middle and repeat with left side of eye.

4)      Without moving your face, roll your eyes upwards and downwards quickly seven times. Stop, blink and repeat a few times.

5)      First thing in the morning, draw a big circle with your eyes, three times clockwise and three times anti-clockwise.

6)      Draw a horizontal number 8 with your eyes. Repeat seven times and draw a vertical number eight instead.

Adapted from ‘How To Return Beauty and Clear Vision Back to Your Eyes’ by Jane Kabarguina. For more info or to purchase the book online, please visit http://www.snezha.com

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