5 Celebrities with Diabetes: Their Motivational Stories

Celebrities are not spared from diabetes. What do A-list stars such as Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Chaka Khan, Randy Jackson and Mary Tyler Moore have in common? The answer is diabetes. But looking at how busy schedules are, you know that diabetes, when managed well, does not have to interfere with life and the patients to go about their daily lives as usual. We could learn a lesson or two from these diabetic celebrities on diabetes management and how they live life to the fullest:

  • Halle Berry

Halle Berry did not know that she had diabetes until she fell unconscious one day in 1989 at a movie set. She fell into a diabetic coma before waking up one week later before being diagnosed with chronic Type 2 diabetes. With her condition beyond the stage where a diet change or new exercise plan would stop it progressing, the only way to control her condition is by having insulin injections for the rest of her life. Before she can dismiss the idea, she was told about the consequences – losing her legs, eyesight and having heart diseases.  She went through a dramatic lifestyle change by watching her food intake, hiring a personal trainer for her exercise regime and taking her insulin religiously. It is hard to imagine that the sexy Catwoman is a diabetic but perhaps, that makes her the best motivator.

  • Chaka Khan

Being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes just motivated the 59-year-old soul legend to start losing weight. She started fasting and has lost 70 pounds since October 2011. She also adopted a vegan diet and avoided all meat and dairy products. Her diet consists of high-protein foods and countless vegetables, topped up with some simple exercises such as walking and toning workouts using bungee ropes with her own body as resistance.

  • Elizabeth Taylor

This iconic figure is rumoured to be diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 and passed away on March 2011. However, with her healthy and active lifestyle, coupled with her vibrant private and public life, Diabetes Type 1 did not seem to affect her life for she had lived her life fully.

  • Sharon Stone

Sharon is a Diabetes Type 1 patient and has been taking insulin injection ever since to control her condition. However, she did not let the disease take over her life. Not only does she remain active involved in acting, she is also a businesswoman in her own right. Of course, she also leads an exciting a personal life. With her crazy schedule and intense pressure from her career, there is no doubt that diabetes has not come in her way of life.

  • Randy Jackson

This musician, producer and American Idol judge is a Diabetes Type 2 patient.  Although he has a family history of diabetes, he never really took notice of it until 2003. With that, he had to make massive change in his diet, exercise and lifestyle. He admitted that it wasn’t easy for him as he found solace in eating all the unhealthy foods.

In 2004, Randy underwent a gastric bypass surgery, a procedure in which most of the stomach is removed so that the patient feels full after consuming only a small amount of food. The surgery subsequently helped him lose 100 pounds. Now, he has partnered American Heart Association in a program called “The Heart of Diabetes” which educates the public about early warning signs of diabetes and seek medical help.

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