21st Century The Era of the Brain

With the presence of cutting edge facilities and qualified specialist, the chances of early detection and diagnosis is not only time saving but life saving as well.

That was the main reason for a pool of experienced specialist to combine strengths and come up with ANOC Neuroscience and Orthopaedic Centre, a fully-integrated diagnostic and treatment centre for neurology and orthopaedic services in Malaysia.

Recently launched on 26 July 2012, ANOC Neuroscience and Orthopaedic Centre focuses on diagnosis and outpatient treatment of neuromedical, neurosurgical and orthopaedic diseases.

In his opening speech, Dr Chee Chee Pin, Chairman of ANOC Neuroscience and Orthopaedic Centre said that there have been growing demands for neuroscience and orthopaedic services nationwide in the past two decades.

Guest-of-honour at the official launch was Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Malaysia’s Minister of Health, who highlighted the importance of recognizing the benefits of medical technological advancements.

He said that many conventional methods in the fields of neuroscience and orthopaedics have been replaced by safer, less invasive and more effective methods. As a result, these new technologies have reduced patient morbidity and shortened hospital stay.

“With the rapid development in technology and medical science, Malaysia must keep pace with this global development,” stressed Dato’ Sri Liow.

ANOC, which is conceptualized and designed by the specialists themselves, strives to provide patients with an accurate and early diagnosis and outpatient treatment of both brain and bone conditions. By providing the best medical technologies, chances of early detection are higher which helps in preventing secondary diseases.


The centre is equipped with gold standard imaging facilities including the latest 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan.

According to Dr Chee Chee Pin, the machine is known for its reliable imaging strength and quality which enables neurologists to have a clearer understanding of the patient’s symptoms and to exclude or have early detection of conditions such as stroke, brain, spinal cord tumours, spondylosis, disc prolapsed and other brain, spine, bone and joint conditions.

He also introduced the iDEXA Body Composition scan, which provides an objective marker for osteoporosis. Easy and comfortable for patients, the iDEXA scan is able to measure bone mineral density to confirm the presence of osteoporosis.

Other facilities include advanced neurodiagnostic equipments which are capable of doing a variety of neurodiagnostic tests. This includes the MR Spectroscopy, radiography, electroencephalogram (EEG) with video telemetry, evoked response studies, nerve conduction study (NCS), electromyogram (EMG) and ambulatory polysomnography or sleep study.

On top of that, the centre is also fully equipped with a pharmacy and facilities for rehabilitation with in-house physiotherapy.

ANOC Neuroscience and Orthopedic Centre is centrally located at the 2nd floor of the East Wing of Menara Bandaraya Development Berhad (BRDB), behind the Bangsar Shopping Center. The clinic offers a comfortable and secure environment for patients to have a private consultation with a specialist.


According to Dr Chee Chee Pin, Chairman of ANOC, osteoporosis is often known as a ‘silent disease’ as there are rarely signs and symptoms until you have lost a significant amount of bone mineral density. Be sure to consume food rich in Vitamin D such as salmon as well as Vitamin K which can be found in green leafy vegetables. Also, do not forget to pump up on calcium rich food such as dairy products to build strong bones.

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