The Home Office

Making your home your office can backfire if you lose sight of what made you choose to work from home in the first place! Here are some quick tips for the work-at-home guy or gal:

1) Have a good work-life balance

It’s easy to allow your work to bleed into your personal life when you’re home-based. Try to work normal office hours of 8-10 hours.

2) Dress for work

You can skip the make-up and perfume, but it helps to shower and wear fresh clothes every morning before starting work. Being fresh and presentable puts you in the right mood for work, which will be reflected on the phone or your emails.

3) Control the snacking

Without the distraction of colleagues, visitors and bosses, it’s easy to snack your waist away! Snack smart and eat regular meals to control hunger.

4) Keep your work station clean

Why bother to clear up when no one’s looking, right? But piling your desk with unnecessary things clouds your mind and makes it harder for you to focus. It also attracts nasty germs which can make you sick and lethargic. Clean up to feel instant relief!

5) Moderate your emotions

Working from home can often be isolating and lonely. Stay in touch with friends, colleagues and associates through Facebook, calls or emails and have hobbies to de-stress.  Keep depression at bay with daily exercise and get out of the house to meet friends, clients, colleagues or other people at least once every week.

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