Taking personal grooming for men below the belt

Taking personal grooming for men below the belt

Manscaping has been in the spotlight over the recent years and is currently accepted as a social norm. However, one thing that is missing from this trend is the maintenance and comfort of men’s private areas. Syaza Diyana discovers how to help solve the problem which most – if not all, men face

The constant change on body hair trends from one era to another has placed unbelievable standards on both women and men on what is supposed to be ‘sexy’ and ‘in-season’. Long gone are the days where people are allowed to simply go au naturel.

As it is no longer a taboo topic, the market in grooming has been booming as everyone seeks new ways to keep fresh, clean, neat and healthy. While keeping up with trends on what looks good ‘down there’ may boost the confidence in men, there is however one important thing that doesn’t seem to be given the attention it most deserves, and that is the comfort and maintenance of men’s undercarriage throughout the day.

Half the battle

In an article written by Jonathan Durden, he explains that he and his business partner, Geoff Percy had concerns on how little attention men paid to their prize jewels, especially when it is often trapped in stuffy darkness for hours on end, sometimes chafing and frequently flapping about.

Meanwhile, the grooming industry has turned a blind eye on the predicament. As a result, there were no products out there that would make men feel, look and smell better inside the trouser department. Durden pointed out that the only thing men had learnt was to put up with their discomforts.

Given this sorry state of affairs, the business partners felt that it was just a matter of teaching men how to form new habits and in turn improve their lives. This train of thought let to the of a company with a name befitting of their cause — Below The Belt Grooming (BTBG).

BTBG has since created a new range of men’s skincare products that are formulated exclusively for use below the belt. Most notably, the products are a practical, gentle and natural solution for the man on the move.

Pampering the boys

Triggered by the concentration of apocrine sweat glands, the male groin possesses its own unique and distinctive aroma that may cause a musky funk as the day goes along. To help keep your undercarriage feeling fresh and smelling good, BTBG has designed Fresh & Dry Balls which goes on as a gel and is quickly absorbed, leaving the groin area comfortable for hours, dry and free from bacteria. It also comes in four different variants – Cool, Active, Fresh and Fragrance Free.

Wong, a 27-year-old musician was definitely surprised by the product.

“This is a new thing for me. I always thought soap, water and a simple moisturiser was all you need in life. Boy, was I wrong! I must say that it was surprisingly nice, like a deodorant for a different part of your body. I tried it for a week – post shower, and it felt like my manly parts were quite pampered during that period.

“Bonus points for it being stain-free. However, just like deodorant, I actually don’t think I need it and am quite happy with my talcum powder. It’s a good product, but it isn’t essential if you already have a good, fuss-free hygiene routine,” says Wong.

A quick freshening up

Nothing beats a quick shower before heading out for a night painting the town red. However, there will be occasions on which you won’t have time to spare. This is exactly why BTBG has cleverly come up with its Instant Clean Balls, which comes in four different variants that work as a spray to remove bacteria and refresh the groin area.

Having tried the Cool variant, Gomez, a 35-year-old IT professional explains that although it was scary at first to apply something that had menthol on his delicate manly parts, it was worth the effort.

“I must say that it turned out to be quite a nice experience. It’s like a secret, cooling breeze gently rustling in your pants. I first tried it while freshening up for a date after work, and it did make a difference. I didn’t feel quite as funky down there as I usually do after a long day. It’s definitely not a substitute for a proper shower, but it’s like a nice ‘prep up’ for down under. I’ll definitely use it again.”

Intimate chafing

‘Intimate chafing’ – one of the least discussed skincare issues, is a painful experience where the skin rubs uncomfortably against itself. It can occur everywhere from the buttocks to the armpits, but the groin and thighs are a prime area. Those who are prone to perspiring a lot (which is pretty common, especially in our tropical Malaysian climate), and are actively working out or playing any form of sports, are especially susceptible as sweat can make it worse.

BTBG has found a solution for this problem by introducing the all-purpose Sports Lubricant, a product which helps prevent chafing and discomfort when working up a sweat.

On using the product for the first time, Fikri, a 31-year-old accountant says that he was quite sceptical at first but found that it helped him in the end.

“Chafing is an issue for me because I do a lot of running and cycling, and have quite dry skin. Regular moisturisers on the other hand are too heavy on the skin. This product however, felt quite light and helped ease the friction between my legs during physical activity. Plus, calling it a sports lubricant makes me feel less feminine about using it.”

With these products as an alternative, men can now take better care of their private areas and feel well groomed throughout the day.

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