Stay Safe With EARs

With a reported 1,022 vehicle accidents and 19 rapes happening daily in Malaysia, emergencies and crimes are statistically on the rise in our country. Now, there’s a solution to help manage that and keep people safe on and off the road, thanks to Emergency Assistance & Response Services (EARs), now available nationwide.

EARs is a nationwide personal safety and automotive assistance service, ready to aid anyone who find themselves lost, stranded or in need of emergency personal or automotive help. EARs also comes packaged with a free iPhone application affectionately known as the “EARsAlert2”, which allows users to seek for help at the touch of a button.


The technology was developed since 2009 and this revamped version has now been fine-tuned to meet different needs, including a 5-second auto alert. The app is now available on iTunes for iPhone users to download for free, and users can play around with the app in demo mode without an account. The app will soon be available for other smartphones.

“EARs was conceptualized mainly because I have many friends and family members who have experienced vehicle breakdowns or personal crimes, or who have had their car stolen,” said Edwin Ong, Chief Executive Officer, EARs.

“Although there are services for each of the situations I’ve just mentioned, these services tend to work independently of one another, hence I felt the need for an all-in-one total solution for personal and automotive assistance, leveraging on a mobile device which many of us already have.”

A service like EARs also addresses the emotional and psychological needs of individuals who are disoriented by such experiences. Individuals may be in shock or injured, uncertain of their whereabouts or frustrated from having to contact many different parties for help, such as family members and friends, auto services and tow trucks, among others.


EARs simplifies the entire process – just tap on the icon and a signal is immediately sent within 5 seconds to EARs which identifies your name and pinpoints your location via GPS. You will receive a call from an EARs agent within a short timeframe to ascertain your condition and safety, and to confirm what kind of emergency service or assistance you need. The agent will then contact the relevant service providers to assist you.

At the same time, EARs will also alert five of your closest contacts to inform them about your situation. If you were involved in an accident, EARs is also able to assist with police reporting, workshop coordinations for repairs and insurance claims, if needed.

In the event of a personal emergency such as a kidnapping case, if the EARs app is launched and the person is not contactable by the agent, the five closest contacts are immediately alerted via SMS and one primary contact is contacted to act upon the situation, armed with important information like location coordinates.

These are the people who care the most about you and will definitely be the fastest to respond and do whatever it takes to help you.


Besides the average Malaysian, EARs is also available for travellers or people who are renting cars temporarily; Being unfamiliar with their surroundings, they would find this service especially helpful and convenient in the event of an emergency.

For Malaysians, choose from the Breakdown and Assistance (BRASS) plus Personal Alert (PAL) combined packages at only RM75 per year or RM10 per month. Early registrations will stand a chance to win a brand new iPhone 4S!

You can also try out the service by registering for a one-week membership at only RM5 by sending a text SMS “ON EARS 5” to 36660 for immediate sign-ups! Visit for details.

Alarming Statistics!

2008: 373,047 vehicle accidents, 6,527 deaths

2009: 1 murder, 19 cases of rape, 243 vehicles stolen per day

2010: 1022 road accidents per day or 1 accident every 2 minutes

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