5 Tips to De-stress from Work and Life

If you have been trying to lose weight but have not been successful despite exercising and healthy dieting, you might want to check if you are lacking in sleep or/and stressed out. Both of these cause weight gain, according to medical researchers. Why? Those who are sleep-deprived tend to eat more, reported researchers from Columbia University. They found that those who sleep only 4 hours a night consumed as much as 250-330 calories more than those who have had 9 hours of good sleep per night.

Getting more sleep is easy, but how do I de-stress? Shaking off the tensions of work and life is not easy, in fact they may always be there to stay. But what you can do is to temporarily forget them with any of the 5 short-term stress management steps below:

  1. Take deep breaths

Whenever you feel that you’re overwhelmed and about to lose it, stop whatever you are doing and inhale deeply before slowly exhaling every drop of air out before repeating for 10 minutes. All tension should be gone by then.

  1. Have some me-time

Spend 10 minutes of your day away from people, doing something that calms and relaxes you. You can soak in a warm bath, read, listen to music or simply sit in silence away from the phone, computer, television and iPads.

  1. Walk away

When you need a break, simply get away from what you’re doing. If you are at the office, take a walk away from your desk. Just walk around the office or sit in solitude for a while in an empty meeting room. Focus on your surroundings as you walk so that your mind is taken off your worries. The blood that flows through your body helps your mind to focus better.

  1. Eat and do nothing

Many of us have lunch at our desks or on the go, even munching on a sandwich while driving. Some don’t even eat at all due to work commitments. Eating is a basic need, so don’t deprive yourself of food as you will only feel too lethargic to work. For stress management, take time to eat as this mid-day break is a well scheduled one designed to give your body and mind a break. If you eat takeaways for lunch, don’t eat at your desk. Take your food to a quiet corner, chew slowly and focus on your food without staring at the computer screen or juggling any other task.

  1. Have a massage

At the spa, there is nothing you can do except to listen to the calming music and let your mind and body unwind. A massage is great for easing the knots in the body but a spa or facial can do the relaxing trick too. With many voucher deals available online these days, finding a place that matches your budget and location is not difficult anymore.

Next, we will come up with long-term stress management tips that would help you keep stress at bay for a healthier, happier life.

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