Look Great, Without Losing Weight!

Let’s face it, as Malaysians, we love to eat and there is no other way around it! You may have the best of intentions but sooner or later, everyone succumbs to that delicious plate of nasi lemak, roti canai or char kuey teow.

As you brace yourself for another yummy meal, you are probably thinking about how you are going to fit into that perfect dress you just bought?

Well, here’s a great solution and it is based on this core idea – if you can’t lose the kilos, you’ve just got to learn how to hide ‘em!

Playing with Colours, Shapes and Sizes

When trying to hide excess kilos, make sure you choose darker, solid colours such as black, navy blue and grey and save the bright colours for your best parts. For instance wear a pop of colour to define your collarbones or to highlight your sexy, long legs. Also, avoid shiny fabrics such as velour and satin or clothing with frills as the extra frills and ruffles will only add bulk to your overall shape and make you look much bigger!

You might think that patterned clothes, or bulky sweaters and sweatshirts hide flab but these will actually make you look frumpy and much heavier than you really are. Try dressing in monochromatic colours, such as a simple black dress with no patterns or clothes that fit just right to help flatter your body shape.

If you love patterned prints, go for those that feature smaller patterns and that overlap to create an illusion of a smaller body. Avoid horizontal stripes at all costs because these could easily make you look like you’ve instantly gained a few kilos! Opt for thin vertical and diagonal lines instead as they lengthen rather than widen your figure.

V-neck shirts and low-rise pants are the greatest inventions of all time when it comes to creating a trim silhoutte! If you happen to be heavy on top, wearing V-neck shirts or low-rise pants will help elongate your torso, giving you a slimmer look.

Another important tip — always wear a dress with a matching coat to hide any bulges. Choose a light coat if you’re planning to wear it on a daily basis and save thicker and darker materials for dinners and formal events.

If you happen to have wide hips but a small bust, wear darker bottoms with a lighter-coloured top to help create balance. Avoid wearing pleated skirts as it can create an illusion of bigger hips. Wear flat front pants and skirts instead as they are instant slimmers. 


The Illusion of Longer Legs 

For longer looking legs, always wear skirts that fall right above your knee. Beware of pants that are too short as these will make you look shorter. Instead, pick pants that fall right at your ankle. Avoid wearing too-tight pants that cling to your hips and thighs as they only emphasise chunky thighs.

If you are planning to wear a pair of panty hose with your outfit, wear dark coloured panty hose as it will make your legs appear slimmer and remember to stay away from patterned leggings. Don’t forget to pair your outfit with high heels as these will add to your height whilst giving the gorgeous “endlessly long legs” effect. That’s why runway models are always in heels!

Accesorize Right

If you’re finding it difficult to wear sleeveless clothing, just match your outfit with a sheer, elegant shawl and you’re ready to go. Accessories, such as a pair of long earrings, a pretty scarf, a diamanté hairpin or a beautiful necklace are great attention-getters. Pairing them with your outfit can help draw attention away from trouble spots.

Always wear a belt to create an hour-glass shape. All sorts of clinchers are in style now, so buy yourself a good belt and flaunt that figure! Do take note to never carry small handbags. Stick to a medium-sized bag to match your body shape.

The greatest tip to looking good is to choose clothes that flatter your body shape and which feel comfortable. Lastly, always stand up straight and carry yourself with grace and confidence because just doing that can make you look 5kgs slimmer!

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