Live Longer by Managing Your Anger

Anger is a normal emotion. Yet excessive and frequent anger can be destructive to us. Here are some ways on anger management.

Everyone feels angry at one time or another. Anger is a response to physical or emotional pain. It is triggered when we feel hurt, mistreated, face obstacles, or experience injury. Experts estimate that we feel angry at least once a day and annoyed at least three times a day. Strange as it may sound, while some people are aware of their anger; there are others who are not.

Anger affects a person both physiologically and psychologically. In other words, it affects both the body and mind. When you become angry, your muscles become tense. Your brain releases chemicals giving you a boost in energy. At the same time, your heart pounds faster and your blood pressure shoots up. You are now ready to confront the target of your anger by yelling or fighting.

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