Snoring isn’t harmless; it can induce sleep apnea. It can also wreck the relationship with your spouse, and, of course, affects the quality of your sleep.


Sometimes, the back of our throats becomes narrower. Thus, as we breathe, the air passing through this smaller opening causes the tissues surrounding the opening to vibrate. The narrowing can be in the nose, mouth, or throat. Sleep apena is the biggest danger of snoring. Basically, it means that your breathing stops momentarily for 10 to 20 seconds, and you wake up many times to resume breathing but do not remember it.


Before attempting to stop snoring, one must first identify the cause to find the cure. The taking of alcohol and sedatives helps muscles to relax. As a result, the throat muscles becomes more limp, narrowing the air passageway, and the tongue fall back as well, thus causing snoring. Obese men are more likely to snore because they have narrower air passages due to more fatty tissues in the throat. Snoring can be triggered by nasal and sinus problems as blocked airways make inhaling difficult, creating a vacuum in the throat, leading to snoring. Some people are born with a longer-than normal upper palate of the mouth or uvula which contribute to snoring. Sleeping on your back can also be a cause factor as the tongue falls to the back of the mouth.


Some of the common remedies to stop snoring are as follows:

• Sleep on a thicker pillow so that your head is elevated.

• If possible, avoid alcoholic beverages, tranquilizers, antihistamines or sedatives before turning in.

• Change your sleep posture if sleeping your back causes snoring.

• Use nasal strips and dilators to keep the nostrils open during sleep.There are also chin-up strips that keep your mouth from falling open when you sleep.

• Practise a regular sleep routine and time.

• Avoid a heavy meal before you sleep as a full stomach will push upyour diaphragm.

• Take anti-snoring pills or use anti-snoring nasal spray.

• Certain essential oils such as mint and eucalyptus can increasebreathing ability. Dab a few drops of one of these on yourpillow before you sleep.• Stop smoking if you do as irritations of the throat cause them tovibrate more.• Lose weight to reduce fat accumulation around your neck, and build up the muscles therein through exercise.• As a last resort, go for surgery if the cause is a physical heredity such as an abnormal upper palate, uvula or tonsils.

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