How To Gain Energy During Your Golden Years

By Edeline Anne Goh

Are you in your 50s or older? If you said yes, you may have noticed a decrease in your energy levels compared to your younger years. You probably assume that this is just part and parcel of ageing. Many people who reach their golden years confine themselves to participating in lighter activities, are very  cautious with their movements and feel that they need to take extreme control of their diet.

While it is necessary to take certain precautions as you age, these safety measures need not hold you back from enjoying your life. With some minor adjustments you will be able to maintain your highest level of energy, continue doing the activities you love and maintain your independence too.

Here are a few ways to gain and sustain your highest energy level throughout the day. These ideas and techniques work if you are 50, 60, 70 and beyond!

Healthy Eating

Making the right food choices is essential. Consuming the right type of food not only helps to maintain your energy level during your golden years, it also helps with your overall health. Eating balanced meals helps you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, hence making you feel less fatigue. Focus on a balance of lean protein and good carbohydrates and don’t forget your extra dose of colourful fruits and vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants!

Note: If you are having health problems related to digestion, there is not harm in consuming smaller but more frequent meals. Be sure to consult a dietician for your recommended nutrient intake if you are having difficulties making the right food choices.

Healthy Living

Line dancing, charitable work, walks around the park or even gardening — these are few of the many activities you can incorporate into your lifestyle during your golden years. For some people, retirement marks the end of an active lifestyle but the truth is, retirement does not mean the end of a lively, dynamic daily routine. In fact, having some extra free time on your hands presents you with the opportunity to be involved in activities you enjoy. For instance, perhaps you love dancing but you never had the time you to commit to a daily dance class but guess what? Now you do! You could also work on that abandoned vegetable patch or plant your own organic produce. A healthy body can be maintained through an active lifestyle that helps you to stay fit, alert and sociable. Plus, it also helps to keep your muscles and bones strong.

Note: Age should not be a barrier or an excuse for you to skip an activity that you love. In fact, there is nothing to lose when you are involved with something you enjoy. This is especially true if you get your friends involved as well.

Healthy Thinking

Research shows that keeping a positive mindset throughout your golden years contributes to healthy ageing. Plus, being optimistic also decreases depression and feelings of loneliness as well as fatigue. One of the best ways to say positive is to never stop learning. The world is full of surprises therefore it is important to have an open mind. You will realise that when you do, you stumble on many wonderful new discoveries. A daily dose of laughter helps to release endorphins, which are also known as ‘happy hormones.’ The good news is – laughter and happiness are contagious, so when you are happy, you will inadvertently spread it to other folks as well!

Note: Low energy, stamina and loss of libido are common experiences, as you get older. However, having a positive mindset will keep you motivated and alert, helping to reduce these issues. Echo this motivational phrase to keep you going – “I can and I will!” Aim to keep yourself positive and inspire others around you.

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