Getting ‘Techy’ With It…At Any Age

Getting "techy" with it at any age

It’s not impossible to learn something new and adapt to change, even if you’re in your golden years.

When it comes to the human brain, learning never stops. Take Gerald Nathanson, for example. As reported on The Guardian, British man Nathanson, did not have the opportunity to finish his studies when he was a child during World War Two. At the age of 74, he enrolled himself into University of London to achieve his dreams of finishing his university education. Four years later, Nathanson successfully graduated at the age of 78, with a Bachelors degree in History.

In the fast-paced internet era, it is very important to set your mind and heart on continuing to learn something new, no matter what your age, as you will never know how it can help you. If you’ve set your mind on the fact that the digital world is for the younger generation and the only reason why you need to learn is to keep up with current ‘trends’, think again.

The truth is, the digital world is a platform that provides countless ways for you to improve your quality of life. If you’re really bad at remembering birthdays (and even your wedding anniversary for that matter), the digital world can help. If mobility is an issue, it can solve a lot of problems as well such as paying your bills via virtual shopping, with just one click. Age should not limit you, when it comes to learning. Here are some tips that can help you navigate the technological world like someone half your age.

TECH TIP 1 Take it easy

You’ve made the transition from a keypad phone to a touchscreen. Whatever you do, avoid rushing into things when it comes to learning about your phone. Instead, explore your phone at your own pace with the help of a friend or family member who is familiar with it. Alternatively, ask the salesperson or call you’re the phone brand’s customer service line.

To start off, prioritise your learning list. Perhaps you could begin by learning the basics such as making and receiving phone calls as well as writing and receiving text messages. Next, try learning about the basic functions such as the volume buttons, settings and so on.

TECH TIP 2  Make it visually pleasing

Is your computer’s bright coloured background affecting the way you look at images and texts on your computer? Perhaps they look rather blurry compared to before? Changing the background colour of your screen may help. For example people with astigmatism may be able to read better with black text on white. For Microsoft Windows users, head to Settings followed by Personalisation then, click Background if you would like to change the background or Themes if you prefer changing the theme settings of your computer. As for Apple users, head to System Preferences on your Apple menu, then click Desktop & Screen Saver and choose Desktop.

TECH TIP 3 Personalise it, it’s yours!

Is the font setting too small for you? Or does your device’s home screen have icons which you do not use and which you would like to swap with others? Well, the good news is, you can personalise your gadgets, for your convenience and easy usage. To change the font size on your device, simply head to Settings. To swap the icons on your device’s screens, this depends on your type of device. For touch screen devices, you just hold your finger on the icon and simply drag it to your home screen or desired page. As for computers, right-click the mouse and choose Shortcuts for Microsoft devices. As for Apple users, click on the specific folder or icon, right click and select Make Alias. You’ll discover many other ways to personalise your devices, to suit your taste and style along the way. So, be sure to explore and have fun!

 TECH TIP 4 It can talk too!

If your fingers are feeling stiff with all the typing or if you’re living with a medical condition such as arthritis, you could communicate with your device via speech. Imagine having your device type out an email reply for you, read out your email and even set a reminder on your phone with your verbal instructions. Most devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers have this feature. However, there are different methods of activating them. For more information on how you can activate voice recognition on how device, speak to someone who is familiar with your device.

TECH TIP 5 Beware of the dark side

The internet is truly a world without borders. You’re able to connect with people across the globe, meet new friends and receive information in the quickest way possible. However, one thing you should be aware of when using the internet are “cybercrooks”. These are scam artists and many of them are skilled at identity theft. To be safe, open emails only from people you know and if you are required to fill in any personal data online, be sure that the URL link at the top of your page starts with https and not just http. This protects your personal data. Remember, think before you click.

The world of technology can help people of all ages, at just about any level. Do not allow your age to become an excuse. Stay young at heart and enjoy the world of technology as truly, it has a lot to offer you. From filling your free time watching videos you enjoy, catching up with a friend who lives halfway across the world and staying in touch with loved ones, technology is your friend once you get to know it.

Smart apps for seniors

1. Skype

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2. Lumosity

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3. Mint Bill & Money

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