Electromagnetic Radiation: Reduce Your Risk!

Put up your hands if you have at least one of these: television, mobile phone, microwave oven, computer, radio, ipad, telephone, refrigerator, air-conditioner or fluorescent lights. Chances are everyone in Malaysia would have their hands up.

Although electrical gadgets are a godsend in many ways, they create unseen energy flow known as electromagnetic fields. Long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields can be potentially harmful to the body.

Here are some tips to reduce the radiation:

1)     Unplug, not just shut off, electrical items when not in use.

2)     Limit the use of mobile phones in children below the age of twenty. Where possible, use ear-sets instead of placing the phone at the ear and too near the brain.

3)     Avoid walking or moving when using your mobile phone. The movement increases the energy required to give you good reception, hence increasing the electromagnetic rays delivered to you.

4)     Sit as far away from the television as possible, with a minimum of two meters distance.

5)     Reduce electronic items in your bedroom, including electronic clocks and mobile phones. Place them in another room where you will not be sleeping in.

6)     Reduce the use of the microwave oven. When this is not possible, avoid standing close when the microwave is turned on.

7)     Be careful when purchasing a home or renting office space: ask about power stations or telecommunication towers at empty spots.

8)     Resist using the television, ipad or iphone as babysitters.

9)     Limit phone calls on cordless or mobile phones to 10 minutes each time or change ears every 10 minutes. Otherwise, use a speaker phone or earphones.

10) Avoid using laptops and wifi on your lap.

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