5 signs of good gut health

Does your child have a big, round tummy? Children with round tummies may look cute to us. However, it may be a sign that your child’s gut health has been compromised. On the contrary, a healthy child’s gut would also exhibit signs of a happy, a functioning gut. After all, about 80% of our immune system’s function lies in our guts. Here are some signs that indicate your child’s good gut health.

  • No tummy problems – if kids are having frequent constipation, diarrhoea or abdominal pain, it may be a sign of trouble in the gut region. There may be weak digestion and inability to absorb nutrients. It is important that your child poops regularly. From three times a day to three times per week is normal.

  • No bloated tummies – bloated tummies could be a sign of improper digestion. Bloated tummies could indicate either irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal sensitivity. Trust your instincts if you feel your child needs to see a doctor.

  • Does not have vitamin deficiencies – A healthy gut can absorb the vitamins the body needs for growing up. If your child seems to be lacking in certain vitamins despite a healthy, it may be good to check if your child’s gut is functioning healthily.

  • Healthy weight gain – a good digestive system would allow your child to gain the necessary weight for growing up healthily. If your child seems to be having difficulties gaining weight, check with your doctor about possible gut issues, like worms, or other obstructions to his or her healthy weight gain.

  • Healthy Natural Defenses  – good gut health is linked to a healthy immune system which can fight off serious infections. Children’s developing lungs are still susceptible to airborne bacteria, especially in schools and other crowded, public areas. If your child seems to suffer from respiratory issues, it may be a sign of poor gut health.

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