10 Simple Exercises At The Wheel

If you commute to work daily, traffic jams must be a dreaded yet necessary part of your daily routine. Instead of putting those precious hours to waste, why not put them to good use with some simple yet effective exercises?

Urban Health gets an exclusive interview with Charlie Tan, an Occupational Therapist at JoinCare Rehabilitation Centre, for some helpful stretches that can be done while waiting for the traffic to clear or even while waiting at a red light:

1)      Neck Pull: Bend head to right and count to ten. Repeat, then bend head to left and count to ten. Repeat.

2)      Spinal Stretch: Droop head forward and count to ten. Repeat, then lift chin to 45° and count to ten. Repeat.

3)      Back Pull: Hug yourself with both arms and count to ten. Feel shoulder expanding from behind. Repeat.

4)      Shoulder Stretch: Interlock hands behind your back and pull shoulder back. Count to ten, exchange hands and repeat.

*Do not do this if you have a recent shoulder injury to avoid a recurrence.

5) Bicep Pull: Interlock arms above head and count to ten. Repeat, then change arms and count to ten.

6) Spinal Stretch: Place outstretched right hands on chin and elbow on left thigh. Count to ten and repeat with left hands on right thigh.

7) Pelvic Pull: Push abdomen forward and count to ten. Release and repeat as often as you can.

8 ) Quadricep Contraction: Contract the inner muscles of your thigh and count to ten. Release and repeat.

9) Heel Stretch: Keeping shoes on, stretch toe upwards and count to ten. Release and repeat.

10) Toe Stretch: Place feet into tiptoe position and count to ten. Repeat.


1)      Apply hand brakes and put gear into neutral before you start the exercises.

2)      Keep foot away from accelerator pedal.

3)      Keep safety belt on at all times.

4)      Keep hands in relaxed position on thigh when exercises do not involved hand movements.

5)      Breathe in and naturally.

6)      Keep back straight and shoulders relaxed during exercise.

JoinCare Rehabilitation Centre, with outlets in Klang, Subang Jaya and Cheras, offers affordable community physiotherapy and occupational therapy services. The centre’s physiotherapist and occupational therapist specialise in stroke management, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and pain management therapy. They also provide home therapy services to stroke patients and those with poor mobility. For more info, call 03-7955 0650.

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