What’s for lunch?

What's for lunch?

Taking food delivery services to a whole new level, Dah Makan makes it convenient for health conscious Malaysians with hectic schedules. Syaza Diyana, along with her colleagues, Scott Lee and Yueiz Teh get a taste of the tantalising quality food delivered right to their workplace.

A good-humoured ruckus on what to eat for lunch is a common thing in the office of Urban Health. Like a rehearsed play, when the clock strikes half past 12, the usual question of “What’s for lunch?” is asked and the habitual reply of “I don’t know” is uttered monotonously.

Wanting to be different for a change, my colleagues and I decided to call a food delivery service. We did feel pangs of guilt as we checked out a few services, knowing very well that it would be comfort food for lunch instead of a well-balanced meal.

That’s when we came across Dah Makan, a food delivery service that promises customers healthy chef-made meals.

Catering to the needs of health conscious Malaysians, Dah Makan creates and produces food made out of high quality ingredients for an affordable price. Additionally, the menu on their website – and app – changes every day, which means that customers are always in for a surprise.

Dah Makan combines Uber-like app ordering, with centralised food production to deliver delicious and healthy meals to their customers’ doorstep. In other words, one can now order lunch or dinner from Dah Makan with just a few taps on smartphones.

To manage their orders, the ingenious team at Dah Makan has built one of the most sophisticated last-mile delivery systems which automates a lot of the operations and gives customers the flexibility the precise time at which they wish food to be delivered.

The automated last-mile delivery system, which was developed by Dah Makan’s own team of ex-Google and Stanford developers, revolves around a routing algorithm that produces efficient delivery routes that cost much less than traditional food delivery. This allows them to pass on the savings to their customers by way of free delivery.

Whilst browsing Dah Makan’s website for the ‘menu of the day’, my colleagues and I decided to go for all three options on the list, as one would when they’re hungry and hypnotised by the images of food.

True to its description of each dish, our food, which arrived within an hour after we punched in the order, was made with care. This is proven by the freshness of the ingredients, well charred vegetables and mashed potatoes that had clearly been made from scratch.

Made rich with parmesan cheese, pine nuts and olive oil, our first dish, roast capsicum pesto pasta had an aromatic kick that we did not see coming. Mostly because of the hints of salted egg detected in every mouthful. To balance out the pasta, well-seasoned market vegetables were also in the mix.

The next thing on the menu was blackened jerk chicken thigh with grilled pineapple, edamame and brown rice. Simple yet delectable, Scott highlighted how the marinade had been absorbed into the chicken which made each bite even more flavourful, especially when eaten with the grilled fresh pineapple.

Saving the best for last, the almond crusted salmon, which was not overly done won our hearts – and stomachs. Accompanied by a smooth orange Blur Blanc and heavenly chunky potato mash this dish was a masterpiece.

Most notably, what makes Dah Makan different is that it provides a completely new food delivery experience that allows customers to order well-balanced meals online, minus the hassle of being stuck in traffic or succumbing to the limited restaurant choices around their office areas every day.

Apart from that, the food is neatly packed in recyclable paper boxes along with bio-degradable cutlery, which you can return if you don’t intend to use it, thus avoiding wastage.

Plausibly one of the great values of Dah Makan is that they use forecasting technology to predict the number of expected orders, and in turn reduce food waste.

 As food waste is something that the team is concerned about, they have spent a significant amount of time to make sure that the process of sourcing and producing is done in a sustainable way.

Dah Makan sources fresh and in-season ingredients from local suppliers which reflects their changing menu and is part of how they ensure sustainability.

Overall, Scott, Yuiez and I got our fill of a splendidly prepared meal and slayed the hunger beast without even having to step out of the office.

Syaza Scott Yuiez
Blackened Jerk Chicken 3/5 3/5 3/5
Almond Crusted Salmon 4/5 4/5 3.5/5
Roast Capsicum Pesto Pasta 4/5 3.2/5 2/5

Dah Makan’s top three best sellers

#1 Grilled perch with a side of Barley salad, rocket, cherry tomatoes and French beans

#2 Pan seared chicken breast, roasted thyme potato with a side of creamed spinach, carrots and French beans

#3 Roast capsicum pesto pasta with a side of market vegetables

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