Vitamin D Safe For Healthy Pregnant Women

The Medical University of South Carolina has found that consumption of vitamin D supplements by healthy, pregnant women is safe.  Even if the maximum dosage is consumed, there were no adverse side effects in such women or their babies. Dr. Bruce Hollis, leader of the research team, monitored 350 women, who were all 12-16 weeks pregnant. One group received 400 units of vitamin D per day, the second group received 2,000 units daily and the third received 4,000 units daily. The researchers found that the group that received the highest supplementation (4,000 IU per day) was more likely to achieve the desired level of circulating vitamin D during their pregnancy. On the other hand, the group who received lower vitamin intake did not reaching the limit of the circulation of these vitamins. Dr. Bruce Hollis concluded that the daily dose of 4,000 IU of vitamin D is needed to sustain normal metabolism in pregnant women, and is safe.

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