Tired all the time?

Poor eating habits, hectic schedules and high stress levels have weakened our body immunities and cause constant loss of enzymes in our body, which is why we suffer from lethargy, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and insomnia.

How can enzymes help?

Enzymes play important roles in your body’s immunity and functions. They are involved in 6 major therapeutic functions:

1)     Helps disintegrate accumulated metabolic waste in the body, enhance absorption of nutrients to alleviate fatigue.

2)     Strengthen white blood cells to ward off inflamed germs and resist bacterial infection.

3)     Stimulate cellular metabolism, promote regeneration of new cells and repair damaged cells.

4)     Disintegrate and excrete toxins and metabolic waste, promote blood circulation and maintain blood in low alkaline level to increase vitality.

5)     Promote metabolism for efficient excretion of waste products from body.

6)     Balance acidity in the body to maintain mild alkalinity of the blood, maintain a hygiene ecosystem in the intestines.

There are 2 ways to increase enzyme intake.

Eating fresh food is the easiest way. However, most cooking methods tend to kill off enzymes or render them inert, hence raw fruits and vegetables is the best source of enzymes. Unfortunately, due to poor soil quality, we have to eat lots of raw foods to achieve the required enzyme level.

Another way to increase our body’s enzymes is to take enzyme supplements, such as RIN ENZYME.

This phyto-enzyme is made up of more than 36 kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains, algae and green grass from the Southern, Kyushu Island of Japan. The rich variety of ingredients provides a variety of enzymes to meet the body’s diversified needs.

RIN ENZYME also helps improve skin complexion and texture, promote hair growth, alleviate white hair problems, promote weight loss and improve general health.

Suitable for all, especially vegans, the elderly, people with inadequate intake of vegetables, are fond of meat and sweets, picky with their food, dine out frequently, smoke and drink excessively, suffer from obesity, underweight or have skin problems.

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