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Fancy some fresh fruits but the sofa just feels too comfortable at the moment? Freshcart is your answer!

Founded by Jonathan Oh and Soh Shangrong, Freshcart is a local online grocer that delivers fresh local and imported fruits right to your door. Fruits can be ordered via their website at Oh is a medical representative turned entrepreneur whereas Soh is an accountant turned fruit expert who realised just how much hard it can be to get fresh fruits when you want it. Waking up at the crack of dawn to go to the pasar pagi (morning market) or being stuck in a traffic jam all the way to the supermarket only to find that all the freshest picks are gone, isn’t a load of fun.

To ensure that their customers receive the best, the Freshcart team head out to the fruit importers and wholesalers to handpick the best fruits. This is done just a few hours before they’re delivered.

Freshcart updates their selection of fruits, nuts, seeds and other assorted munchies on their website, every Monday. Fruit prices may change from week to week depending on whether they’re in season. The website streamlines the ordering process and features clear pictures of the fruits with information such as price, quantity (some are sold as per piece and some by weight), nutritional facts and even serving ideas. Customers just have to do is to logon to the Freshcart website, add their chosen fruits and other items to the online purchase cart and head over to the virtual checkout page to pay.

What’s great about Freshcart is that when you checkout, you have the option to either pay by cash upon delivery or bank transfer (available to users of CIMB, Maybank and Public Bank). After choosing your preferred payment option, you will arrive at the delivery slot page. The day and time of delivery depends on your delivery address. To check whether Freschart delivers to your area and the delivery schedule go to: Delivery for orders above RM70 is free making a group order with your colleagues or neighbours is definitely a good idea.

I’ve tried out their website and I’m quite impressed. Before they launched their website, ordering was done through Google Forms which was available on their Facebook page (

The first thing I noticed was the variety of fruits available for ordering. There are the run-of-the-mill fruits like apples, oranges and grapes but there are also exotic fruits like the Dragon Pitaya (see image 1) which is like a yellow dragonfruit, and Feijoa (see image 2) which is like a cross between a pineapple, guava and berry.

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I received a confirmation e-mail right after I placed my order. On the day of the delivery, the delivery person texted and provided me with an estimated arrival time so I would be present to accept my order. Whenever I’ve bought fruit from Freshcart, they’ve always been punctual and polite. The best part is that on your next order, if you return the Freshcart non-woven bag which you receive with your order, you get RM1 off your purchase price! If you don’t return it, the sturdy bag can be reused for buying groceries or any other purpose you’d like.

So far, the fruits that I’ve received have been in perfect condition — very fresh and the quality of the fruits have been above my expectation. Customer service was speedy and the Freshcart staff responded well to all my queries. Overall, I really enjoyed the convenience of having my fruit delivered by people who care about the quality of their product as well as their service. I will definitely keep using Freshcart in the foreseeable future.

Freshcart also offers corporate packages which can be customised. Contact them at for more information on this package.

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