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Do you love the vibrant colours and fresh scent of fresh fruits and vegetables at the supermarket? The myriad choices offer us the wide selection necessary for a varied diet, with different fruits and vegetables offering different nutrients.

This huge variety did not come automatically. Decades ago, most Malaysians would have found it difficult to find temperate fruits such as kiwi, blueberry, avocado or rock melon looks or tastes like. Those who got to taste them were a privileged few who travelled overseas or had friends who brought them back.

Thanks to fruit importers such as Euro-Atlantic, temperate fruits and vegetables are now easily available at affordable prizes. But the journey had not been always been so easy.


Euro-Atlantic was established 20 years ago by three adventurous entrepreneurs who decided to import temperate weather fruits to sunny Malaysia. The company was named Euro-Atlantic to symbolize the journey undertaken by their products to arrive on local shores.

Initially catering to a small niche group of consumers, they persevered through the years by maintaining strict quality control and investing heavily in product and business development. From one small packing factory, the company has since expanded to two large factories in Kuala Lumpur and Batu Maung, Penang.

Their clientele today consist of distinguished organisations such as five-star hotels, airlines, ship chandlers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, upmarket F&B outlets, even foreign embassies and the US Navy.

The company has also ventured out to marine products under a subsidiary company, C-Food Portions, and is also importing dried fruits such as apricots and nuts, and quality virgin olive oil, pastas and pastes.

Their attention to quality control won Euro-Atlantic the globally esteemed International HACCP certification, an internationally recognized system of food safety management.


Fruits being so perishable, the owners of Euro-Atlantic have to run their business like clockwork. The tonnes of fresh produce that arrive daily at their factories needs to be sent out in the correct amounts to their respective clients within 24 hours to maintain = freshness.

“Speed and attentiveness are crucial,” says Ebby Loo, Managing Director of Euro-Atlantic. “Hence, our biggest investment is really in our people.”

She explains that no detail is spared in the daily operations of the business, as even a simple oversight, such as a slight lowering of the temperature in one of her five massive cold rooms, could result in big losses. “The staff needs to be totally committed and dedicated to their individual roles, because we cannot afford to have a weak link in the production line.”

The affable and generous employer keeps her employees happy with annual company trips and annual dinner, good job perks and constant training sessions. Her efforts have worked, with many of her staff working past 15 years.

Every month, her buyers scour the world to seek out prime fruits in their best seasons. The result is having a year-round supply of top grade fruits, vegetables and marine products for the benefit of customers.

“Fruits and vegetables are antioxidant-rich and we are glad to make it available to Malaysians. On the surface, we appear to be dealing only with food, but we believe that our business is really to promote good health with this healthy food choice,” says Ebby.

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1)     Take fruits on an empty stomach to detoxify your body system and gain energy.

2)     Tend to feel bloated when eating fruits? Try taking fruits before meals.

3)     Fruits can help prevent greying hair, balding, nervous outbursts and dark rings around the eyes.

4)     Drink freshly squeezed fruit juice, not canned juice or heated juices.

5)     Eat fruits raw because cooking destroys all their vitamins.

6)     Eat whole fruits instead of drinking fruit juice for more fibre.

7)     Avoid processed, canned or frozen fruits as they mostly contain high amounts of sugar, preservatives and additives.

8)     The best way to drink fruit juice is to leave it in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing to allow interaction with the salivary glands.

9)     Take a large variety of fruits of different colours to gain maximum nutrients.

10)   Set a good example to your children by being a fruit enthusiast!

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