7 Painless (and easy) Ways to Lose Weight

Sick and tired of your excruciating weight loss plan, which seems to be taking longer than it should? Try these painless ways to get trim, instead!

To many people, getting fit and losing all that excess fat is no walk in the park. In fact, the words ‘lose those pounds’ may make them cringe. Whether you feel like all hope is lost or just don’t know where to start, we understand your agony!

You’ve probably tried all kinds of methods to shed that weight — from joining the gym to enrolling in fitness classes. Plus, you’ve probably spent a good deal of money on weight loss plans and made your kitchen junk food free. Still, you end up feeling disheartened because despite all the sacrifices you’ve made in the hopes of achieving a healthy weight, it just hasn’t happened yet.

Well, we’ve got some great news! Here are seven painless and effective ways to lose weight and the best part is, they’re easy to incorporate into just about anyone’s lifestyle. Ready to find out what they are? Here we go:

#1 Don’t stick to a fitness regime Untitled-1

While a fitness regime can help you stay disciplined, it’s important that it consists of a variety of workouts. For instance, if you run on the treadmill for an hour every single day, you’ll probably grow bored with it and end up stopping. However, if you keep things fun and make an attempt to change your routine occasionally, you’ll avoid the boredom trap. In fact, you could aim to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts, which will help you set loftier goals and achieve higher and higher levels of fitness.


#2 Let your plate control your portion plate

It has long been known that the size of your plate plays a big role in the amount that you eat during a meal. To back up this theory, an experiment was conducted by Cornell University and Georgia Institute of Technology. In the experiment, researchers found that a drop in plate size — from about 25 to 30 cm — resulted in a 22% decrease in calorie intake. The experiment also concluded that the reason why this happens is because of an optical illusion: when you put food on a large plate, your mind will tell you that you are eating a small portion and you will tend to eat more. So, the next time you’re about to pick up a dinner plate, opt for a smaller one.


#3 Don’t remove, just add plus sign

When you think about losing weight, you probably think about cutting down on your food intake, which can be a difficult thing to do. Instead of reducing the amount of food you eat, try maintaining the portions but choose healthy goodies instead. For instance, if you love apples or fish, add more of these to your meal plan.


#4 Stay Hydrated water

Drink water regularly, especially before your meals, to avoid overindulging. Water helps to keep your hunger pangs at bay. Have zero calorie drinks (such as water) instead of snacks, to avoid consuming excessive calories. Drinking water or any drink that has no calories, will keep your mouth busy, which means that you’ll be less likely to munch on junk food!


#5 Share your meals share meal

While portion control is easily achieved if you’re packing or cooking your own meals, eating out can pose a real problem. Often, you’ll end up eating more than you should, because of the portions you’re served. So, instead of feeling guilty each time you overeat why not share your meal with someone? You’re not only doing yourself a favour, you’re also ensuring that your friend doesn’t overindulge as well.


#6 Have fun with colours colourful plates

Did you know that the colour of your plate also affects your portion size? During the same study conducted by Cornell University and Georgia Institute of Technology, researchers found that, when you  match the colour of your food and plate, you will end up eating more. For instance, if you’re consuming pasta with tomato sauce on a red plate, the researchers discovered that you will serve yourself 30 % more food, compared to using a plate that’s a different colour. So, the next time you’re at a buffet or a party, be sure to be vigilant when it comes to the colour of your plate.


#7 Dine at the table dinner table

You may think you’re killing two birds with one stone by catching up on your favourite TV show while enjoying your meal but you’re doing more harm than good. Eating at the dining table allows you to be aware of what you’re eating and what’s on your plate. If you’re sitting in front of the TV while eating, you are distracted and less aware of what’s going into your mouth. So, if you haven’t made a point to enjoy your meals at the dining table, why not start doing that? It’s a great habit as it will ensure that you and your family are eating consciously. It’s also a good opportunity to catch up and talk about everyone’s day.

If you’re hoping to shed some weight or even if you’re already in the midst of it, try incorporating these simple and easy-to-follow methods. You’ll find that they’re more efficient and certainly a lot more fun!

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