10 Super Food For Weight Loss

Losing weight does not need to be done the torturous way. You can still eat, and eat things that actually taste good. The key is to eat the right food, of course. If you’re looking to shed some kilos, we’ve put together weight-busting food that you can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is even room for snacks:


  1. Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein and keep your stomach full for a longer period of time. People who have had eggs for breakfast were even found to eat less in the next 36 hours, according to a medical research done. Protein also prevents spikes in blood sugar that causes food cravings. As eggs can be made hard-boiled, half-boiled, scrambled, poached, sunny side up or made into omelette, you may never go bored of eggs.

  1. High-fibre cereal

The key here is high-fibre cereal, not those chocolate-flavoured ones that are actually high in sugar. A bowl of high-fibre cereal is effective in curbing your appetite. Researchers have found this to be true when they studied those who have had some cereal; they tend to eat less at a buffet spread than those who hadn’t.


  1. Skinless chicken

The number of calories in that piece of fried chicken skin is astounding! If you had just eating the meat itself, the calories that you have consumed is actually very low. It doesn’t have to be the breast part of the chicken, which is undeniably not easy to eat due to its texture. But if you do go for lean red meat, the higher protein content will promote more weight and fat loss due to the leucine amino acid content found in meat, chicken, fish and dairy products. This amino acid promotes weight loss while staving off hunger pangs.

  1. Soup

A cup of soup can be as filling as a meal of chicken, simply because our brains perceive it as filling. Most soups is a meal on its own anyway, if it contains meat and vegetables.

  1. Salad

Salad has always been the favourite of weight-watchers but is it really effective? Yes, because its sheer volume fills up your stomach and only if you choose the dressing carefully. Olive oil should be favoured over mayonnaise and Thousand Island dressing.


  1. Brown rice

Introduce brown rice into your diet if you are one of those who must eat rice. For a start, you can have a mix of both brown and white rice until your taste buds get familiar to the brown rice. Brown rice is high in fibre and low on calories, besides containing healthy carbohydrates that enhances metabolism.

  1. Tofu

Packed with protein, tofu is another versatile ingredient just like eggs that can be prepared in various dishes. What makes it a solution for weight-watchers is the appetite-quashing protein that it contains.

And if you are feeling peckish in the middle of the day, snack on these guilt-free:

  1. Nuts

A university research found that those who had snacked on nuts are not as hungry at meal times, so they eat less at the table. Nuts are rich in protein, helps to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay and assists in burning more calories too with a boosted resting metabolism.

  1. Beans

Mung beans, adzuki beans, kidney beans, lentils, black eyed peas and soy beans are used in many Asian dishes, which is great as they contain the cholecystokinin hormone, a natural appetite-suppressant. Beans also keep hunger away by maintaining blood sugar at lower levels.

10. Pears and apples

You can never go wrong with fruits. Apples and pears are the best for maintaining one’s weight as pears and apples contain a lot of fibre which are excellent in filling you up and decreasing your sugar levels as well. Three pears or apples a day were found to be more effective in weight loss than three oat cookies.


There you go, 10 super food to keep you feeling full throughout the day, yet assisting you in your mission to lose weight through healthier eating.

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