Health Record Keeping for Healthy Living


Patient with chronic diseases should have some home medical devices as these devices are good to help with monitoring the progress and complications of their disease.


In this day of modern technology and better education, patients are often better informed and much more proactive in trying to maintain good health. Often, together with the advice and encourage of their doctors, patients will read up on their condition and the necessary precaution they need to take in attempting to arrest their condition from further deterioration, as well as any lifestyle habits that they should inculcate in order to improve their lives while coping with their diseases.


Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh, who is president of the Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia (APHM) and consultant ENT surgeon, Ophthalmology and ENT Surgery, Prince Court Medical Centre, recommends that patient with chronic diseases, particularly non-communicable like diabetes and hypertension, should have some home medical devices as these devices are good to help with monitoring the progress and complications of their disease.


He says there is no real strict and rigid advice for these devices. Patient should have some interest in using these devices with some technology knowledge, as it is pointless for someone who is not keen in using devices as they may not be able to manage one.


“Monitoring is very important to see the progress of the disease and to pick up early signs of potential complications,” says Dr   Kuljit. For this purpose, patients should maintain a daily health record  as it will help them with control and management of diseases.


Although it is very convenient to have these devices help a patient monitor his health,  and  in  doing  so  provide a sense of security that he is taking positive actions to maintain his health, Dr Kuljit stresses on the importance of keeping follow-up appointments with the doctors. “These medical devices will NOT be a substitute or a pathway to reduce visits to the doctor. These devices are only to help patients to monitor. But patients will see their doctors as usual,” he says.


As a medical professional, he says that the records of the patient’s daily health vitals is good for viewing. It can help in mapping a patient’s daily health pattern. It is good for the patient to keep these sets of daily records, but the will also be good if the patient keeps a health journal of their daily activities as well as food intake, as added information when analysing the records. “Medical devices are just extra gadgets that are good to have, but this does not mean the usual monitoring is not necessary,” he says.


Information is key to maintaining good health and saving lives. A patient should maintain a daily personal health record, so that he can monitor his condition in a regular and constant manner. Knowing what the results mean is a good way for a patient to keep abreast of the state of his health. In cases where anything abnormal is detected, a patient will understand the urgency of this, and will be aware of the choice he has to make of whether or not to seek immediate medical attention.


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