Fun 101!

By Edeline Anne Goh

You might have already figured it out but we’re going to say it again – it’s Urban Health’s 101st issue! To celebrate, we’ve decided to share things, places, people and events that are related to the number ‘101’. We were surprised (as we’re sure you will be!) to find lots of fun connections to the number 101. Here are 10 that we’ve handpicked just for you.

101 The Terminology

You’ve probably come across the term ‘101’ which is often used to mean that a specific set of data, lessons or information is at the beginner’s level. For instance, if someone handed you a book entitled Mathematics 101, you’ll immediately think the book contains basic lessons on mathematics. So, why do we use 101 and not 1A or just 1? Well, this term originates from the American university course numbering system. It was designed to ensure simplicity for student transfers between institutions but now it’s usage has spread all around the world.

Taipei 101taipei 101

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this famous building took the coveted title of  ‘world’s tallest building’ from Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers in 2004. However since 2010, it’s fallen to the number 2 position with Dubai’s Burj Khalifa coming in at the top spot. 101 is a significant number for this world famous building, which has 101 floors above ground and 5 underground. Also, the building’s structural design shows a unique combination of state-of-the-art modern and traditional Chinese architecture.

101 Dalmatiansdalmatians 101

Who can resist cute little black spotted dogs with adorable floppy ears? It all started when Dodie Smith, wrote a children’s novel in 1956 titled ‘The Hundred and One Dalmatians’. Also known as ‘The Great Dog Robbery’ or for its abbreviation ‘101 Dalmatians’, the story quickly became a family favourite especially after Walt Disney produced an animated film in 1961. The movie was released again as a family comedy in 1996 with Glenn Close playing the role of wicked “dognapper” Cruella de Vil. It’s probably safe to say that most parents will end up having to deal with their kids asking for a Dalmatian puppy after watching the film — let’s hope they don’t ask for 101 of them! 

US Route 101US route 101

Constructed in 1926, the famous US Route 101 is almost 2500 kilometres long. This north-south highway runs through three states namely California, Oregon and Washington. Over the years, newer and better highways have replaced this route but there are still parts of US Route 101 that remain important such as in San Francisco where the Golden Gate Bridge connects to it across the San Francisco Bay. The exact reason behind the number for this highway is unknown but it is said that in the US, highways with 3-digit numbers indicate the route is a subsidiary of 2-digit routes and that north-south routes are assigned with numbers ending with 1.

Roi Et Provinceroi et province 101

Translated from Thai to English, Roi Et means 101. The name is believed to be an exaggerated number influenced by the 11 satellite cities that originally surrounded the province as well as its 11 city gates.  Located in the northeast of Thailand, Roi Et Province has 20 districts. A famous spot in Roi Et City is Wat Buraphaphiram which houses the tallest standing Buddha image in Thailand. Standing at 59.2 metres, the image is something you certainly won’t miss if you happen to be visiting ‘101’ city.

101 “Turbaned Tornado”turbaned 101

In February this year, at the legendary age of 101, Fauja Singh who goes by the nickname “Turbaned Tornado” finally decided to retire from participating in long distance runs. He took up marathon running in his late 80s, after his wife passed away and has been a star at these events ever since. As reported on CNN, he said that, “running showed me kindness and brought me back to life by making me forget all my traumas and sorrows.”

Call 101call 101

If you are in India, Wales, England or Scotland, you might want to save ‘101’ as an emergency number in your phone. In India, this number links you directly to the fire department. In England, Wales and Scotland, 101 serves as a police non-emergency number. A non-emergency number is used if you want to report crimes and other issues that do not require emergency response such as if you suspect drug dealing or you notice an act of vandalism. It is also used to report minor traffic accidents.

101 Ranch Oil Companyranch oil 101

If you have driven around the United States, you might have noticed ConocoPhillips gas stations all across the country. ConocoPhillips came into existence as the 101 Ranch Oil Company, which was discovered in 1911 by oil pioneer, E.W.Marland.  Marland was introduced to the Miler brothers — owners of the oil rich 101 Ranch. This marked the beginning of the 101 Ranch Oil Company and was later renamed the Continental Oil Company (Conoco). In 2002, it merged with Phillips Petroleum Company, hence its new name ConocoPhillips. It may not be familiar to Malaysians but the 101 Ranch Oil Company is a powerful and memorable name in petroleum history. 

101 by Sheena Eastonsheena easton 101

Scottish singer and two-time Grammy Award winner, Sheena Easton sang a song written by Prince called 101. The song, which was released in 1989, quickly became a hit among 80s party goers and reached the number 2 spot on the US Hot Dance Club Play. Easton, who was the focus of BBC’s television programme The Big Time, rose to fame with her song Morning Train (9 to 5). The songbird continues to warm the hearts of old and new fans to this day.

101 Ways To Leave A Game Showgame show 101

Yes, television producers have dreamed up 101 ways to leave a game show! The show’s premise revolves around putting participants’ fears to the test by having them attempt daredevil stunts designed to get them to leave the competition. Stunts involve testing a competitor’s courage as well as his general knowledge.  Despite the trials and tribulations, the show continues to attract contestants. The reason is probably because the last one standing, wins USD 50,000!

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