It's painfully ear-ritating

It’s painfully ear-ritating!

The sense of hearing plays an important part in how a child perceives her surrounding and it also supports her learning process. However, when a child’s immune system is still developing, they are unfortunately prone t...
The Allergy Spectrum

The Allergy Spectrum

Does your skin start to itch when you’re near a cat? Perhaps your lips start to swell after having a few butter prawns? Discover some of the causes behind allergic reactions. Allergies exist in many different forms. Th...
Allergies 101

Allergies 101

Allergies are relatively common in today’s world. Here’s where learn the essentials about allergies and avoid unwanted reactions that get in your way. You’ve been having the sniffles pretty often. Every now and the...
A Spinning World

A Spinning World

Do you feel like the world around you is spinning? It could be vertigo. You get up from your chair and you suddenly feel like the floor you’re stepping on is uneven. It feels like you’re standing on a boat sailing on...
Anatomy of ENT

The Anatomy Of the ENT

The ear, nose and throat appear to have different structures and different functions but did you know that they are all internally connected? You probably didn’t know that dizziness, gastric reflux and TMJ (Temporo-Man...

All Stuffed Up

Did you know that if Junior has a blocked nose, his ears and throat may be affected as well? Read on to find out more about child ENT complaints. Your little one has been complaining of ear pain (often in the middle of t...

LEGA Brings Relief

They say that desperation is the father of invention. It turned out to be true for father Ng Zim Guan, who was driven to invent Lega in 2008 out of desperation from seeing his young son gasping for breath.