folding bike01

Bikes That Fold

By Edeline Anne Goh Have you been finding it hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym lately? Do you find it a drag to exercise on the same cardio machine for more than 10 minutes? Here’s a possible solution to your ...

Stay Germ-Free At The Gym

If you are keen on keeping fit, chances are good that you are a member of a public gym or community-based gym. Many people, specifically urbanites, opt to workout at a gym because of various conveniences such as the abil...
playing to win

Playing To Win

For most of us, sports are a recreational activity to stay healthy and have a good time with like-minded friends. For sportspeople, however, it is literally a different ball-game.
top 5 sport injuries


It is a lovely warm day and you are all geared up for your weekly jog or game. Weekends are your favourite time of day because that is when you get to sweat it out and catch up on your exercise that is usually forgone du...
Sports massage 2

Sports Massage

Mention massage and what comes to mind would be a wonderful relaxing experience at the spa, complete with scented candles and warm Jacuzzis or saunas to open up stubborn pores.
Age with Grace'

Age Gracefully With Exercise

As we age, our muscles shorten and we start limiting our movements due to joint aches or low energy levels. Lack of muscle and joint use leads to atrophy. Atrophy occurs in the brain as well, which affects one’s stabil...