Spice It Up!

The best thing about living in Malaysia is the availability of a wide array of food choices, particularly spicy food originating from Indian and Malay cultures. However, adding spices into foods is nothing new- it is bel...

Chinese Chow

There was a time when people used to say that the Chinese ate ‘anything under the sun that moves’. A visit to the 21st century China will show that this is no longer true, with many Chinese nationals keeping exotic a...
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Best Fresh, Better Life

Do you love the vibrant colours and fresh scent of fresh fruits and vegetables at the supermarket? The myriad choices offer us the wide selection necessary for a varied diet, with different fruits and vegetables offering...

Have Gout? Watch Your Food!

Gout, one of the oldest forms of arthritis, can attack very suddenly and are very painful experiences. It usually starts from the big toe. Left untreated, the pain may spread to the ankle, foot, knee, elbow and hand.