Safer Option For Body Sculpting

Wearing a disposable tank top, the model lies down on the treatment table. Dr Nicholas Lim, an Aesthetic Physician at MCU Beautitudes, picks up a handheld device that resembles a small empty box. After checking whether the model was comfortable, he spreads an anaesthetic cream on her abdomen and places the device on it.

Taking out her mobile phone, the model proceeds to play games for the next thirty minutes while Dr Lim leaves her to talk to the media. Thirty minutes later, we follow him into the treatment room where he removes the device. “Here, touch it,” he says.

Gingerly, we touch the treated area which looks reddish and swollen. It was freezing cold, yet the model feels nothing!

“This is how Coolsculpting™ works – it simply freezes the fat cells to death. The results are permanent and the procedure is FDA-approved for body sculpting,” he says as he massages the model’s treated area. After two minutes, the redness has disappeared and her abdomen that was previously bulging does look like it has shrunk.

“Coolsculpting™, the latest body sculpting technology in town, is perfect for stubborn fats that simply refuse to go away no matter how much you exercise or diet. The most common areas are the thighs, underarms, abdomen and hips,” explains Dr Lim.

Non-invasive methods such as Coolsculpting™ are increasingly popular in view of the many deaths or mishaps happening as a result of more invasive surgery such as liposuction and mesotherapy or herbal remedies that promise to burn away body fats.

“Times have changed,” says Mary Chia, the founder and Executive Chairman of Mary Chia Holdings Limited, who was in Kuala Lumpur recently for the official launch of the MCU Beautitudes aesthetic centre in the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall.

“Throughout the years I spent in the industry, I have seen perceptions of what an ideal female body should look like; from athletic looks in the 70s and 80s to waif-like in the 90s which was partly fuelled by skinny models on fashion runways to stick-thin ‘size zero’ bodies in the nineties, right to the smooth, sculpted look that is so popular now,” she shares.

According to Madam Chia, there is a good balance in what people perceive as the perfect body today.

“Women are now setting themselves a higher standard as far as health and the body shape is concerned. Not only do women desire flawless and youthful-looking skin, they also want healthy-looking bodies, without the belly fats, bat wings and ‘muffin tops’,” she explains.

Procedures such as Coolsculpting™ has the additional advantage of speed, as each treatment can be done within an hour, in what is known as a ‘lunch time procedure’.

“People are leading busy, hectic lives, hence having long recovery periods or downtime disrupts their schedule. We need something that allows us to bounce right back to work after treatment, wasting no time at all,” says the visionary businesswoman with a rags-to-riches history in the slimming and beauty industry.

The Coolsculpting™ by ZELTIQ technology was developed by Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. R. Rox Anderson who are both scientists at Harvard University. Using a controlled and targeted method, the body is accurately sculpted into the desired shape.

The technology is already available at many aesthetic centres such as MCU Beautitudes but only certified doctors can conduct treatment.

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