My Bra, My Best Friend

Does your bra shift when you move your arms?

Does your bra strap slip off your shoulder every now and then?

Do you have excess fat bulging under your arms and above the band of your bra?

Do your back or shoulders ache in the afternoons?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are most likely to be wearing the wrong bra size. “More than 80% of women in Malaysia are wearing the wrong bra size,” says Estee Ong, General Manager of Neubodi.

According to Estee, every girl should know and understand the importance of a right fitted bra the minute she develops breast and starts wearing a bra. Wearing the wrong bra or the wrong bra size affects not only a woman’s outlook but her health as well.


Women must first understand that a bra is not just something that covers your ‘assets’. “It is more technical than that,” stresses Estee. “A bra that fits well will enhance your appearance with good breast support, correct poor posture and prevent back and shoulder aches.”

She adds that a woman’s breast weighs 250 grammes each on average. If you do the math, this would mean that your back would need to support an extra 500 grammes of fatty tissue.

Wearing a well-designed bra ensures that the weight of the breast does not stress your shoulders and back.  Conversely, wearing an ill-fitted bra can lead to body aches and poor bone health especially if you are big-breasted.

Using the right bra also helps retain your breast shape as you age. “When you remove your bra, your breast shape should remain the same,” explains Estee.


Did you know that flabby arms can be caused by wearing a poorly fitted bra? According to Ong, it is essential that you know the shape of your breast before choosing a bra.

First, be sure that your breasts fits well into the cup and is supported well. “A bra with sufficient support needs to have at least three hooks at its band,” she says. For daily wear, Ong recommends women to wear three quartered or full cup bras.

Putting on a bra is more than just buckling it up. The secret is to tuck in all fatty tissue into the cup. This not only helps to ensure that your breasts are well supported but also helps avoid unflattering bulges at the sides.

After trying it on, move your arms, jump around, bend forward and backwards and stretch out (after all, no one is looking!). Two fingers should be able to move freely around the back band and one finger at the strap. If the bra does not seem to fit well, speak to the bra consultant and opt for another size or cut.

Some women feel intimidated especially if their breasts are above or below the average sizes, which results in ill-fitted bras. However, bra sizes should not be about the alphabets or digits; it is about how you feel and look.


Bras are delicate and must be handled with care when washing and storing. Estee reveals that the best way to maintain the shape of your bra is to hand wash it with delicate laundry detergent. Avoid drying under direct sunlight and hang them upside down for better drip. Bras should be washed daily to maintain their elasticity.

When storing, do not fold the bra or overlap the cups in your drawers. Stack the bra on top of each other or side by side.

If in doubt, visit your nearest Neubodi outlet for a complimentary bra fitting. The friendly and trained staff at Neubodi will help you understand your breast shape and bra size as well as help you choose a suitable bra.

After all, bras are like friends: the good ones never leave you hanging.

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