Be Beautiful, Sans Surgery

No matter how you regulate your diet or exercise, there will always be a stubborn part of your body that causes you woe. If plastic surgery is not your cup of tea, you may want to consider other aesthetic procedures that are non or minimally invasive.

Using high tech equipments and devices, these procedures allow you to achieve your desired body shape and size, without having to face the risks of going under the knife. Some of the procedures may take longer, requiring several sessions to see results, but it’s worth the wait especially for people with minor to moderate problems.

Even if they are non-invasive, you would still need to practice the usual precautions, such as going to recognized and accredited beauty centres and checking whether your practitioner is experienced and qualified.

Below are some of the most popular non-invasive beauty options currently. Don’t worry if you are spoilt for choice; you can discuss your options with your dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon or aesthetic physician.


Microdermabrasion – Microcrystals are used to exfoliate the skin surface and remove dead skin cells. New skin cells and collagen are then regenerated for smooth, even skin tone and texture. Microdernabrasion can also be used to get rid of stretch marks and scars.

Fractional CO2 – Lasers such as the MOSAIC, Dermal Optical Thermolysis (DOT) Fractional CO2 and Pixel 2940nm Er:Yag vaporises the top skin layer that need rejuvenating. The laser’s energy penetrates directly into the dermis layer, inducing the skin’s repair mechanism to work from inside to create a new, thicker layer of collagen, therefore producing a tighter, firmer appearance on the surface.

Light therapy – Non-ablative, non-thermal light therapy such as Nova Plus and  Omnilux™ remodel the collagen, rejuvenate the skin’s epidermis and renew cells in the skin for softer, more supple, firmer and brighter skin. Suitable for ageing or pigmented skin at the hands, neck, hands, chest or stomach.

Thermage – Uses radiofrequency to reach deep into the dermis and sub-cutanenous layer to create a tightening effect.  Thermage’s plus point is you can instant rejuvenation with a single treatment. The downside? Its cost!

Revlite Pigment Laser – Gets rid ofbrown spots or hyper pigmentation caused by sun exposure, ageing, stress, hormonal imbalance and use of certain contraceptives. Using light energy, the Revlite Pigment Laser shatters the excessive melanin pigments and works best on birth marks, pigmented keloids, tattoo removal and scars.

Laser Peel – A powerful anti-ageing tool that utilizes a gentle yet deeply penetrating laser to exfoliate the old, rough and damaged skin that has fallen victim to Father Time, sun exposure, medications or environmental pollution.  Recommended for poor skin texture, large pores, blemish-prone skin and discoloured skin.

BOTOX – Botox or Botulinum Toxin Type A is carefully injected to relax the muscles at targeted areas to relieve fine lines and wrinkles on the eyes, face, neck and décolletage.  Botox is also used to manage hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating in the underarms, reduce over-sized calves, even relieve severe migraines.


Hyaluronic fillers – Large volume fillers have become increasingly popular in the recent years as more people become aware of the potential risks of implants. Made of non-animal stabilised hyaluronic acid that lasts around two years, fillers are administered by trained doctors into targeted areas that need augmentation such as the breasts, buttocks, chest, abs and others.

Radiofrequency –  Radio energy heat is delivered through the skin to the underling muscle and fatty tissues, causing the skin to contract and resulting in tighter and younger-looking skin. Radiofrequency treatment also works on cellulite reduction.

Infrared Light- Infrared devices work by heating the dermis layer of the skin, causing the collagen to contract. The growth of new collagen cells results in tighter, more youthful-looking skin on the face, upper arms, under the chin, abdomen, and calves.

Ultrasound – Forget about having a liposuction if you have just a few stubborn fatty spots at the hips, thighs or tummy. Ultrasounds such as  UltraShape™, VASER and LipoTouch are safer as they are targeted only at your problem spots.

Exilis – Uses controlled heating and radiofrequency to bust flabby or saggy areas at the neck, thighs, love handles, muffin tops, saddle backs, flabby arms and bra fat.  Ideal for body contouring and cellulite busting.


Sclerotherapy – A medication is injected to irritate the vein lining, making them collapse and disappear. The number of injections will depend on the number and type of problematic veins you have.

Laser Therapy –Lasers such as the Vbeam® and GentleYag gently targets an intense burst of light to destroy the blood vessels of your spider veins. The surrounding tissues are left intact.  This treatment works better on red and matting veins than blue veins and is also effective in removing port wine stains.

Silk Peel™ Dermalinfusion – A novel laser that usesmedical-grade diamond heads for precise skin exfoliation and treatment of spider veins, red blotchy skin patches and skin that is oily, blemish-prone, dry and flaky.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – Intense flash lights are used to penetrate deep into the dermis layer to break hair follicle and produce permanent hair loss. The advantage of IPL over other laser hair removal treatments is that it targets the inner layer of the skin, leaving minimal damage and making it suitable even for dark-skinned people.

Laser Therapy – Latest hair removal technologies such as the GentleLASE®, GentleYag and Medlite IV targets gentle beams of light at hair follicles where they are absorbed. As the laser energy transforms into heat, the follicle gets destroyed for good. Some of these lasers are also used in tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation.


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