Urban Health Magazine Issues      

Urban Health launched in January 2005, is a monthly magazine that caters to the health conscious readers in Malaysia. We have been a valuable source of health news as we bring health information to the increasingly health-conscious public.

Urban Health is actively involved as a health educator in Malaysia. Our content is evidence-based, targeted at providing readers an informed choice of topics varying from diseases, latest medical treatments, health products and all things health available in the market.

Themes for each month allows the magazine to focus on more detailed aspects of selected health issues, turning each copy into an easy reference guide for our readers.

Urban Health magazine can be found at our distribution partners:

  1. Medical & Health centres
  2. Pharmacy chains
  3. Independent pharmacies
  4. Diagnostic centres
  5. Clinic chains
  6. Dental & Eye specialist centres
  7. NGOs’ reading lounge
  8. Medical schools
  9. Fitness centres
  10. Government Department (Ministry of Health)
  11. Health exhibitions, fairs & events
  12. Conferences
  13. Press Retail Chains
  14. Supermarket Chains
  15. Bookstores
  16. Airports